A Vegan Farm Sanctuary


Our Mission

GLO Farm Sanctuary provides a safe and loving forever home to rescued farm animals, ensuring that their physical, social and emotional needs are not just met but exceeded. Using ethical veganism, anti-speciesist ideology  and GFAS standards as guiding principles we strive to ensure that each individual is thriving from the day they arrive to their final days.


We are compassion in action. 

Who We Are

Compassion in Action

At GLO Farm, we believe in community. We work closely with a number of other sanctuaries, including FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary, Karuna Lane Farm Sanctuary, Ralphy's Retreat Sanctuary for Pot Bellied Pigs, Ruby Ranch, Carroll's Organic Farm Sanctuary and more.


We strongly believe that if we all work together, we can have the most impact.


Making a Difference


Put on your rubber boots and roll up your sleeves!

“When will winter end_” - Bambi

Get a little one-on-one time with all of the animals.

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East Garafraxa, ON, Canada

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