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GLO is on the Mooo-ve!

Have you heard the news? Our sanctuary is now located on Manitoulin Island! 

GLO is on the MOVE.png

 We've moved to our DREAM property on Manitoulin Island!


We’re talking over 200 ACRES of pasture and forest for our GLO residents to roam. A HUGE BARN to keep everyone safe and warm all winter long. And the potential to give even MORE rescued farm animals the amazing forever home they deserve.

This is a HUGE project, and we need your help!

Moving 30-plus animals across the province (onto an island, no less!) was no small task but thanks to our Patrons and community we did it!


Our new home on Manitoulin Island is going to be amazing, but first it needs a lot of work before we are ready to resume our standard operations. The property was not used as a farm for a decade and so our first hurdles were installing hydro and water to the barn, fencing the barnyard and of course transporting animals. Our plan was to create a space that was sufficient to survive winter while we planned our LOOOOOOONG list of Spring projects. This Spring, we were able to accomplish some really exciting projects, including:


  • Fencing a new paddock. We were able to fence about 10 acres to hold the crew over winter but now created a new spaces for folks to graze.

  • Building, repairing and/or replacing infrastructure throughout the entire property.

  • Barn repair: The barn is huge, but it needs MAJOR work in order to provide the clean safe home that our residents are used to. The inside of the barn was left full to the brim with old hay and straw among other garbage and debris. We are working on emptying it so that we can have it clean and organized for the animals (and tours!). The roof has been replaced so finally when it rains outside, it no longer rains inside further destroying the building as the wood is rotting. 

  • New flooring has been purchased and is ready for install!

  • Regular veterinary checks for all residents. This isn't new but is a good reminder that we strive to provide superior preventative health care to our residents which takes time and money!

  • Fuel expenses for the many tools we are using to work, work, work. This includes diesel for the tractor, petrol for the side by side, chainsaws, chipper etc. 

  • And so much more...

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How you can help

Help bring our dream property back to life for the animals!

Join our Patreon community, get exclusive content and make a difference for as little as $4/month!

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Want to support us in another way? Email us at!

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