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GLO is on the Mooo-ve!

Have you heard the news? Our sanctuary is moving!

GLO is on the MOVE.png

 We're moving to a DREAM property on Manitoulin Island!


We’re talking over 200 ACRES of pasture and forest for our GLO residents to roam. A HUGE BARN to keep everyone safe and warm all winter long. And the potential to give even MORE rescued farm animals the amazing forever home they deserve.

This is a HUGE project, and we need your help!

Moving 30-plus animals across the province (onto an island, no less!) is no small task.


And while our new home on Manitoulin Island is going to be amazing, it needs a lot of work before it will be ready to host the entire GLO gang.


Here are just some of our costs:


  • Fencing and gates need to built, repaired and/or replaced throughout the entire property 

  • Barn repair: The barn is huge, but it needs MAJOR work before our residents can move in

  • Veterinary checks for all residents prior to, during and after the move 

  • Fuel expenses for transport

  • And so much more...

Our new home on Manitoulin Island.JPG

How you can help

Help make our dream for the animals a reality!

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Donate now to support our work for the animals. Every dollar helps!

Join our Patreon community, get exclusive content and make a difference for as little as $5/month!

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