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Adopt a GLO Resident


Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the little ones in your life? Give them a gift that gives twice with our new GLO Resident Adoption Kits!

When you symbolically adopt a GLO resident, not only are you giving a child an unforgettable gift, but you’ll also be making a difference in an animal’s life, with all proceeds going to the care of rescued farm animals right here at our sanctuary.

Each adoption kit includes:


  • An adorable plush toy of the resident of your choice (8” in size, made with 100% vegan and eco-friendly materials)

  • A personalized GLO Adoption Certificate

  • A card telling the recipient all about their new adopted friend

Choose from the following GLO residents:

➡️ Chauncey (piglet)
➡️ Cocoa (cow)
➡️ Lani (sheep)
➡️ Russell Crow (rooster)


Your GLO Resident Adoption Kit can be shipped to you or the recipient of your choice for a fee, or picked up here in person by appointment. 

Send email to to order yours today!

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