DOB: September 27, 2012

Breed: Potbelly Pig

Favourite Snacks:

Like most potbelly pigs,I love all fruit! Apples, Pears, Strawberries. My all time favourite snack is carrots. I spin in circles and sit like a good boy for them, but if you take too long I'll jump up! I LOVE CARROTS!

About Me:

I came to live here after my human had some life changes that meant she could no longer care for me. I wasn't too sure at first but have blossomed into a real character. I am very particular how I make my bed, and do not like others to come into the stall while I work at it. I scream if they do. I also scream if other pigs look at me funny. Or when I get my  hooves trimmed. I scream a lot, actually.